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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" on your side. a mother and her young child carjacked. we have the very latest coming up. it is thursday, july 14. i am pamela brown. >> i am jennifer donelan. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, steve rudin. a much nicer day to day. >> after yesterday finally cooler air and lower humidity levels. look at the temperatures outside. a good 10 to 50 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. 69 degrees at dulles.
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72 at reagan national airport. petersburg is at 55 degrees. high pressure will settle in. we will look for a beautiful day today. 82 to 87 degrees. no need to worry about the umbrella. get the sunglasses out. the humidity is not going to be there today. a very nice day. it looks like the weather will stick around. let's get an update on this morning's rush hour commute. >> it is a good morning and a beautiful trip out of baltimore. i will take you live into springfield right now with traffic heading north. by the way a minor crash on please church pike. i want you to look closely at this camera on the right side under where it says md193.
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those flashing lights are overnight roadwork. no delays. more to come but now the news. >> we began with breaking news from montgomery county. a man is in custody after a chase on the capital beltway. a 22-year-old kidnap a mother and baby in baltimore. he hit a police cruiser on interstate 95. he moved on to the outer loop of the beltway and started driving erratically. the mother and child got out of the moving car. she suffered a head laceration. the baby was not hurt. a state trooper was also injured. we will have a live report coming up. another big story. saved by inches. we believe with a terrifying ordeal during the height of the severe storm. in southeast a tree came crashing down on her car coming
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inches away from pinning her inside. we have the story you will see only on abc 7. >> saying her car in this tow lot, you could see the horror of what could have been. >> del in my car while i was driving. >> oh my god. >> she was driving on massachusetts avenue in southeast washington. a potent storm toppled a massive tree limb. it crushed her car. a shard crushed to the windshield, inches from a impaling this mother of two. >> i would have been dead. >> she somehow managed to scramble out of her ride it alive. >> we were crying. what's this stranger offered her
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shoulder. today, she finds comfort in her survival. the lasting trauma of this day. >> i just want to go home. >> ironically, some residents tell me they complain to the city a number of times about the tree and how far it was stretching out over the road. they say that city workers came out and proved a number of the branches, but not the limb that nearly killed her. people throughout the area are cleaning up in assessing damage after yesterday's storm. problems were created for drivers. >> i got a little panicked as the water got up to the edge.
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it was a little bit of a trickle. all of a sudden, a flash flood. i got halfway through and the water rushed up over the hood of my car and i got stuck. >> winds toppled trees and took down power lines. about 47,000 customers were without power. most of the outages have now been restored. >> for more pictures and video of the damage left behind by the storm, log onto our website. you will find it on our homepage at there are new signs of strain as the debt showdown tracks on. president obama is demanding negotiators find common ground by the end of the week. the president ended yesterday's session with house majority leader erick kanter urging him to -- kantor are urging him to
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take a shorter deal here is cahli live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> good morning. stocks up slightly higher and -- in spite of investors are worrying about the european debt crisis. moody's investment service put more pressure on lawmakers to increase the u.s. debt limit. it has the nation's debt rating under review for a possible downgrade. president barack obama is considering sending correctional leaders to camp david this weekend. meanwhile, more trouble for borders group. creditors tell a judge the liquidation of the bankrupt chain will deliver more value. according to the "wall street
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journal" it is big. the housing market is hurting hiphop artists. we will have more details in the next hour. hang in there. keep watching. it is 4:37 and we have 68 degrees. it will be a much nicer day. >> former mayor marion barry's son was arrested on drug charges. plus -- did you watch the game? check out highlights of the u.s. women's impressive performance. first, we will have another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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welcome back. we are glad you are with us. it is time to look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> steve as a great job today. >> let me tell you. what a difference 24 hours can
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make. that cold front moved through yesterday afternoon. we had rain and thunderstorms. we saw the damage in southeast d.c. now the rewards. low humidity and nice and temperatures. regis work is at 66 degrees. look at the dew point levels. in the lower to middle 50's through most of the area. the weather will be very comfortable for today. high-pressure locked in place. a beautiful thursday on the way. 82 to 87 degrees. the wind will be out of the north from 8 to 12. temperatures will fall into the upper 50's to the lower 60's 83 to 88 degrees to bar. a look at the extended outlook in just a minute. first, over to lisa baden. >> there is a lot of
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construction overnight. one side of the beltway in montgomery county is still lingering. that is at university boulevard. this is a long-term project so it is no shocker. here we are on the 270. it is beautiful. let's go to the other side of time and lookit -- town in lookit traffic on the wilson bridge. a very quiet ride. if you're going to head onto the eastern shore and across the bay bridge. jennifer and pamela. come 7:00, forget about it. the time now is 4:42. >> coming up, the tragic and to a search for a boy who disappeared. >> plus, we are following a new role and investigation into a
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breaking news from montgomery county. a man led police on a chase down the capital beltway. he carjacked a mother and baby in baltimore. officers began chasing him. the mother and infant were able to get out of the moving car. the mother suffered a head
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laceration. the baby was not hurt. a major credit rating agency is threatening to downgrade america's credit rating and a debt reduction deal is not made. ben bernanke says that could be disastrous for the economy. people in grand rapids, mich., are saying a final goodbye to former first lady betty ford. she will be laid to rest next to her husband after the funeral this morning. new york police arrested the man in the death of a brooklyn boy. leiby kletzy was reported missing on monday. surveillance cameras led them to the suspect, 35-year old levi aron. he took the boy to his apartment after the child asked for directions. investigators say he killed the child. >> there is no indication at this time that the victim was
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known to the suspect previously. it was happenstance and a terrible fate for this young boy. >> authorities say aron has confessed to the crime in this chart for -- with second-degree murder. the funeral was held last night. hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects. we are learning more about the arrest of d.c. councilman marion berry's son on drug cartridges -- jug charges. he was arrested on may 28 after police responded to a report of a fight in his apartment. police found a large vial of pcp and five bags of marijuana. >> coming from the background where his father was known as a user i am sure that played a big effect. >> it isn't -- it is unfortunate. >> christopher berry is looking forward to setting the record
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straight. a federal judge will allow a maryland state senator to temporarily leave the country. they will fly to nova scotia at next month for an annual meeting of state government. he is accused of lying to federal investigators. it looks like we are one step closer to resolution in the police escort scandal. the inspector general issued a report last night stating there was nothing unusual about officers escorting charlie sheen to a performance in the district. the police chief has said that people believe the escort violated protocol. the report made a number of recommendations. we have good news from the national zoo. >> adorable news.
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the six-week old cheetah cubs had their first check out this week. they weigh between four and 5 pounds. it is too early to tell which ones are boys and which ones are girls. they are healthy and active. the zoo is thrilled to have such a large litter. >> absolutely adorable. >> right now, it is 4:49. the temperature is 68 degrees. >> a nicer day than yesterday. coming up, the final chapter of a blockbuster franchise. >> first a check on traffic 10 minutes.
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>> welcome back on a beautiful thursday morning, and i mean beautiful. high pressure across the a planet. that means lots of sunshine for today. look for lower humidity levels on the way. if you are lucky enough to head over to the delmarva beach is, temperatures in the '80s. here is our forecast for today. 82 to 87 degrees. lots of sunshine.
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wind out of the north. nighttime low tomorrow in the 50's into the middle and upper 60's. tomorrow is looking good. what a way to end the work week. temperatures around 85 degrees. if we look at the extended outlook in just a moment, but first lisa baden with a look at traffic. >> no major problems to report. no major accidents to steer around. little bit of lingering roadwork on university boulevard. it will be gone out shortly. let's look at 66. they have been doing roadwork westbound on 66. it looks like everything is moving very nicely there. we will take you to the beltway camera. also quiet. >> are you a harry potter fan? >> no. >> you are not?
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i guess this story does not relate to you. it was a magical night in northwest d.c. fans waited in line for hours to be one of the first to see "harry potter and the deathly hallows." arch campbell took part, of course. the movie opens at midnight tonight. after one rain had a little good luck, another decided to get in on the fine. a marine stationed in quantico asked justin to relate to the marine corps ball. the request came after timberlake's costar, mila kunis
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accepted an invitation from another marine. >> just say yes. an amazing game as the u.s. women's soccer game kicks ass way closer to winning the world cup. >> they took on france in the semifinals. caroline lyders joined the fans in northwest washington for all the excitement. >> it was standing room only. women and men young and well, not so young. >> are you suggesting i am old? >> these diehard soccer fans knew the stakes were high. >> they are doing so well. we had to come out to support them. >> it was a roller-coaster of emotion. team usa got the goal right off the bat. but france quickly came back to
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tie. they dominated most of the game. dole after goal after goal. for this crowd, it was a nail biter till the end. finally, the u.s. scored again. once again they scored one more for the road. 483-1 victory over france. -- a 3-1 victory over france. >> they showed some heart. >> and now they are on to the finals. if the u.s. team wins on sunday, they will be the first team to win three women's world cup titles. you can bet this crowd will be watching. caroline lyders, abc 7 news.
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>> tim brant had more highlights on the game. >> they walked out of there with big smiles on their face. >> it is 4:57. 68 degrees on this thursday. >> a mother and her young child carjacked. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ]
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